Monday, March 21, 2011


Since the ultrasound a lot of things have happened in our lives! The biggest changes are my belly and our living situation. This last month we finally bought the duplex that we had pursuing for months. It was bitter sweet at first, the process was not enjoyable! Also, moving while pregnant was not fun either- who am I kidding moving pregnant or not isn't fun! Once we got everything put away (mostly everything), and with the help of extremely loving parents we love the place! We have already done so many things to the duplex to freshen it up. Everything has a nice coat of fresh paint in modern colors and the utility room has been completely remodeled! New floor, new water heaters and two new sets of washers and dryers. Next is the renter side's kitchen and bathroom floor, new toilet, and some electrical work- and it will be done and ready to be rented! We have some renters interested so we will see what happens! I'm just hoping we can get it rented by the time the baby comes. That's right, only 5 weeks till my due date! So far I've had an amazing pregnancy, but this last week I feel like my pelvis and back are breaking! Good thing I work at a chiropractor office because getting adjustments has been super helpful. But really I have nothing to complain about compared to most women! Our family is happy and grateful for everything we have and are looking forward to the new baby bundle of joy about to enter into our lives! I'll try to post some pictures of the duplex soon.

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