Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey I'm doing pretty good on the updates right guys?

First and foremost- Silly Girls United photo shoot! Last week I was invited to be in a photo shoot with some friends for absolutely no reason but to be silly and have fun together. These types of shoots were going on all around the world last week all sponsored by Silly Girls United photography. It was a fun way to get girls together and have fun, act silly, and gain some self confidence. I got to take my cousin Lexi with and we all had a blast. We took pictures in Snohomish, WA. Snohomish is a little Antique town and was great for the theme of the photo shoot, secret agents. We climbed buildings, scaled walls, rode on a Vespa, and most certainly got a lot of interesting looks from those not involved ;) Thanks Candace for inviting me! Here are some of my favorites. PS- Aaron did not understand the meaning of this whole thing. He was very confused even when I tried to explain it to him. He was just happy I had fun and my final explanation for the shoot was, "It's a girls thing". He understood that, as most men do haha.

BIG Thanks to Candace for inviting me!
Here's the photographer, except for the one below, I snagged that one of her!

Getting ready

On the rooftops

Both above and Below are my favorites

Our disguises

We've been hiking again! Lake 22 trail seemed to be a good place to continue our training for hiking with a bunch of girls next week. I'm still sore! It was a beautiful hike with and elevation gain of 1350 ft. Gorgeous views on the way up, and a pretty lake at the top. Polly loved hiking again and even took a little swim at the top. Here are some pictures from this weeks adventure.

On a side note: Aaron's sister had surgery so we had the privilege of taking care of our niece and nephew a bit. Here is Aaron hanging out with them on the front porch swing.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here comes a ton of pictures!

We've had a lot of fun these last couple months. On June 22 I graduated from Bellingham Technical College. It was a lot of fun to go to graduation and celebrate with friends and family. The post celebration had to be put off for a little bit because I had to study like crazy for my ARRT boards. I was very nervous about taking them, but on June 29th I finally took them and drumroll........scored a preliminary score of 90%. I guess all that studying paid off. Taking the test was intimidating. I got patted down and there were strict rules at the testing center. It was the most nervous I have ever felt. But now I can relax and just try to find a job. Anyone hiring an x-ray tech? Aaron has been working a lot and I am busy catching up on housework. We are in charge of a hike with 25 girls on the 19th so we have been training and hiking for that. It has been fun to get outside and enjoy nature. Plus Polly loves to hike! At first she was a little confused as to why we were climbing a mountain but she loves it now. My cousin Lexi has moved up here and is staying with my parents. It has been perfect timing because I'm out of school and have time to do fun things. So it has been great catching up and sight seeing and having a buddy to do it with. We have actually had great visits from both sides of the family in the last couple weeks. We look forward to more fun this summer! Here are some pictures from the last month or so. I give credit to Lexi for these, she's on top of picture taking that woman! Alot of these are for you Kelli since I know you don't have facebook and haven't seen them yet. Happy Summer Everyone!

Niece Baby Hadley

Old Maid Stapley Style

Nephew Cooper getting into the action. Although he was reluctant to tear up his matching firemen.

Polly loved meeting family

Lexi and I after the graduation

I love Dad's face in this picture! (Surprised at me graduating maybe?)

My complimentary earth friendly Bag, thats right bag...only in Bellingham

Brinley Doing her thing

Lexi captured this magical moment...maybe plumbing will run in the family?

Kendall looks like she's up to something, or maybe the sun is just in her eyes

The Amazing Hiker Polly

Marching away from the Mosquitoes

Waterfalls at Heather Lake