Sunday, November 29, 2009

Polly the puppy

Last week our family grew by one. We finally have our little doodle dog. She is a great little girl....most of the time:) She still is learning to potty train which is the most frusterating thing. Most of the time she does very well. She has quite the personality! She loves to play with us but mostly she loves to cuddle and sleep with us. She is very loyal and always follows us around looking for a chance to please us. We can't wait to get her the last round of shots she needs so we can take her out on doodle romps and to the dog park. She is very spoiled since she is "an only child." She is very brave and loves to play with her much larger dog cousins. Her grandparents love her on both sides of the family, which is great. After having her for a couple of days we still didn't have a name. Aarons grandma said she always wanted to name one of her kids Polly Esther Shurtz (polyester shirts) but Grandpa wouldn't let her:) We laughed, and the name stuck. She really does look like a Polly. We just hope she smart enough to recognize the difference in "Polly" and "Potty". So far it's been good. We are very tired. It really is like taking care of a baby, except she doesn't have any diapers!!! We know all the training and middle of the night potty breaks will make it all worth it in the end. So here she is!

Don't be fooled by those sad puppy eyes! She might look sad but she is always happy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

1 year + a puppy

Hello everyone! I finally was able to download our 1st year anniversary pictures. Also I'll post some pictures from the turkey bowl at UW stadium. Last week we put a deposit on our puppy! She is an adorable little girl. We haven't taken her home yet so no pictures, something to look forward to! She is a goldendoodle. If your wondering what that is...the mom is a gorgeous red golden retriever and the dad is an apricot standard poodle. She is a rusty red color and only 9 weeks old. We are puppy proofing the house now so we can pick her up this week! I can't wait! Aaron refuses to name her until we bring her home and play with her more. Rest assured there will be pictures of our spoiled pup on her as soon as I can get them. Other than that things are going great. I'm taking x-rays in surgery right now. It is awesome watching doctors put back together the human body. Sounds gross, but I love it. All I can say is we were divinely created, that is for sure. On a side note, right now we have waterfront property. No, we haven't moved to the water, the water came to us. It seems that during the winter rains our front and back yard turns into a lake! oh well, our landlord reassured us that our house won't float away:) So I just hope that "Lake Shurtz" will provide some great ice skating activity this winter! Hope all is well with each of you!

Our Team we took fourth :)

The only fun I could have with a broken finger

The one year old cake

The Happily Married Couple

The Cake I Made

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OK ok

I realize that my header needs some work, but it took me hours to figure out what I wanted and still our faces look all squishy. Anyways, I decided to just post a little about the latest Shurtz news. We moved into a house near Mukilteo at the beginning of October. It was a steal of a deal and we love it here. I'm just getting used to all the sounds and quirks of the place. Aaron and I celebrated our birthdays recently. I asked for donations to my doodle fund! That's right, I'm looking for a doodle dog. Hopefully I will get a goldendoodle, but we will just have to see what is available. We also celebrated our 1st year anniversary!!!!! Yeah! I can't believe it has only been a year! (in a good way) It seems like we have already experienced so much together. Our relationship has grown so strong and yet it just keeps growing. Being married is the most fun I have ever had. Especially when I'm married to my best friend in the whole world. I'll post some pictures of our 1st anniversary below. We didn't do much. Right now I'm very busy with radiology technician school and Aaron is not always getting work so no expensive vacations for us. We did defrost our wedding cake. It smelled horrible....we couldn't stand even being next to it. Call us chicken, but we didn't eat any of it. I kind of had a feeling it would be disgusting so I made a "substitute" cake. It was delicious. Then we went and helped our friend who got very sick:( But he's feeling better now. We plan to do more to celebrate this week, we just haven't decided what yet. I look forward to updating more in the future! Oh yeah I almost forgot, on Saturday I broke my finger:( For those of my medical literate friends, it is a 4th finger lateral avulsion fracture of the proximal interphalangeal joint. I did it playing flag football, practicing for turkey bowl. Boooo! Now I can't play in the big game on Saturday at Husky Stadium. I'm so sad! I'll just have to support Aaron and our team, "Let it Rain!" I hope they win! aww man I can't put our anniversary pictures up yet because I have no way to download them right I guess I'll entertain you with some pictures from our honeymoon and wedding in celebration of our wedding anniversary.

Our Wedding Day

A lovely picture of me after the lifeboat drill, This was our honeymoon to Mexico. A little tid bit of knowledge I did actually get the line stuck in our balcony door! (this is real life not posed:))

Aaron had to make sure his whistle worked

This is at the cruise magic show- oh I wish I was on a criuse to Mexico right now!