Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It Snowed!

Yesterday it started snowing and kept snowing for hours and hours into the night. I was grateful to leave work early and be at home safe before it got too bad. Snow is fun only if your safe at home with your family and you have everything you need there. (we are missing milk right now…boo) we went on two wintery walks with Polly. It was her first snow. She was hilarious running around in it. She just drags her nose across the top of the snow all over the place, then she jumps and tries to eat it out of the sky. Now she just whines by the door to go out and play in it, she loves it so much! Recently she had some surgery on her neck to remove a constant swollen internal wound. (we have no idea how this happened) For a while they thought it might have been a swollen lymph node or possibly allergies. We got it taken care of and now she is doing excellent and she was only left with a funny hair cut. The front of her neck is shaved and one of her paws where they had to draw blood. We are grateful for good veterinarians! The hair cut made me realize how much fur she really has! Everyone that meets Polly thinks she is the most friendly dog and love her goofy personality. She definitely fits in the family!

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